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To my ultimate hater.

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Yes you, I know who you are, I never forget the beard. Why you gotta hate for? No seriously, why you gotta hate? You think it be fine to be up on someone like they’re glue but I’m just an ordinary cat, I’m trying to make it. You just seem to be a bully whos sole purpose is to make me mad and mean. I imagine you aint got no life, you just living in a basemenet having one offs while your mother lives in the room always looking for ways to get at me, attack me. I mean I’m just trying to hang out, you seem to be attacking me everywhere that I go because I’m that cat you like to hate; so why you hate?

You keep telling me that I post nothing, that I post short sentences, that I don’t contribute enough and that I’m worthless to society. To that, I say. I am who I am, I post that way because thats how I raised, I was made to be posting like that every which way I go, this is my style and you can’t change my style! Also I work as hard to contribute as everybody else. I’m a person alright, I work hard to post opinions like Im a human being and when you come up like “all you post is “nice stuff!” every post.” it just makes me mad because I be trying to contribute and you just nott takin my contributions seriously! I post my opinions, you always seem to attack them every which way because you are a jerk who don’t have no life; i’m just trying to post opinions, why you trying to get beef?

And what is it with you jocking on my attempts to provide enteratinment; I mean I posted that video because it contained a beauty of nature, it containefd fish eating the pellecans; it contained beauty. You just made it out to be like a video where a chick gets eaten when it wasn’t like that at all! And you did the same to my other video, I’m just trying to provide entertainment. This is a forum, people post content on these forums everyday, and it don’t matter what content it is aslong as its content; for a genius you self seem to proclaim, you don’t seem to understand that so why take that out on me huh? Why take that out on me? Why you not understand that it ain’t the fit of the community, Im trying to be one of you and posting sports and crap, that’s all!

And you always be jocking on my life; my life is real alright. 100% of it all. What I tell is real, from the streets, bond; I am what I am damn you and if you can’t respect that then well forget you. I have kids, I have a job, I have an important position, I have a street team. Why would I lie about that stuff on an internet forum, it just seems straight up shameful to lie like that. Come on, I’m a human being, not a machine! My life aint no fun to make fun of, it’s all real. 100% real striaght up word.

So in short, forget you asmish Harry Henderson looking bearded fellow. You’ll never understand my style.

I still got mad props for you though, I respect your mad agressive style and your honest posts, love those!


How technology changed our lives

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Technology is everywhere its in our hands in our houses and even in our lives. I cant imagine a world without technology, mainly because it changes us like soo much! There are so many things that technology has changed, it has made it easier to access information anywhere, back then youd have to go to a specific place to get a book or a DVD or the information but with the internet you can just log on and find the information that you want, its so sweet. Computers are sweet! They have helped us discover major things in our lifetimes, I cant knock the scientists who did those things but without computers, it wouldn’t of been possible. Computers just do alot of stuff and calculations and theyre complex, they come up with things we humans are unable to come up with. Look back into the past, they have cave bones and sticks and stuff but then with the introduction of computers everything went fast into the future where we have now, it’s great!

Technology also allows us to communicate super easily, without technology it was like super impossible to communicate with people but now with technology we can. I can easily take out a cellphone or use facebook and I can communicate someone with ease, sometimes talking for hours. Even better is that we can talk for hours and we can even text and send pictures. It’s such a wonderful thing, we can send pictures of anything, hell we can even be a part of history by sending pictures of disasters. A lot of people have done it and the worlds eyes have been opened, the possibilities are endless, there is just so many things you can do and so many ways you can be a part of history. It doesn’t even matter if you send a picture of a hamburger, your communicating with people around you!

Let’s not forget about the technology that handles our everyday lives, they handle our traffic lights and they handle our cashiers, without them how would things work out? Paper is redundant and things can get lost, with technology everything is stored on a memory chip and is there when you need it. You don’t have to short through files, you can just search for the file on your computer and bring it up easily! Just imagine how much life would be easier in the past, they would be able to do stuff 100x quicker and we’d have a future with jetpacks, teleporter and flying cars, and a future with jetpacks, flying cars and teleporters is always awesome. There are just so many things technology has done to change our lives, and I for one am proud to live in a country with technology! I don’t know how I’d live in a world without.

Blog post 11: when life gets you down.

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All you need is a little Brak by your side.

Why I love the Blackberry.

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Hi. I know you heard me talking stuff about an apple well you’ll be surprsied to know that I don’t own an iphone but a Blackberry. Shocker! Yes, my phone is the blackberry and it’s a good phone; see I have a super important job and my job requires me to have a blackberry so this is why I have it. Ive been using it since forever so I know my away around the Blackberry tree, lol! First off is the design of the phone, I mean it just looks so cool. you show it to someone and theyll be mighty impressed at your status of it, it looks like its business therefore it means business and if you’re not convinced, here’s a picture!

Doesnt it look like it means business. There are so many things I love about it, I love the super easy interface that allows me to browse the interface super easy. there has been so many times where I had to read an email and I just did some things and bam! I read my email. This thing is boss for email, I can configure it and I can get all of my email that my job requires me to have. It allows me to send emails super easy and get my business done on time. Plus the other stuff it can do is so cool, I can browse the web with it, I can use it as a GPS, I can even type a novel on this thing, it’s amazing. It’s very eganomic too, I can press the buttons and not break a sweat, other phones may give you cramps or make you feel uncomfortable. Not the blackberry!

People have been saying that the Blackberries are bad, that other phones are better. Well I’m here to clear that up, I’ve played with the iPhone and I played with a new Samsung phone and while they’re better then the Blackberry, the blackberry is still the beast. Why, because I have it, it’s boss and it’s my job. There are other phones out there but nothing can beat the blackberry. Nothing…

Now to relax my hands from typing on my Blackberry.

How facebook changed our lives.

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Yo. I heard of some peole critizing Facebook, saying that they’re evil and harming society. Well I’m here to tell you that facebook are good thing, really good things that connect people as a whole; ive been using facebook for a long time and I can tell you that it’s an awesome service. I can check my friends, I can use it as a superfeeder, I can play games on it and I can alo get the ladies on it. Its a part of my life and it makes my life 10 times easier, i mean without facebook i wouldnt be able to communicate with girls and my friends from overseas, one of which I speak in Japanese too. Facebook connects people, without facebook people wouldnt be able to connect easily and there wouldn’t be friendships and communication that would be formed, plus things would be different without stuff to be shared. alot of my friends and family are on facebook, without that how will I communicate with them. I mean Facebook is the communication method that people use and I cant think fo anything that works better then facebook, it’s just the service that ends all services.

To all those people who say Facebook is evil; have you used facebook, have you ever connected with people. I mean Facebook is a place to connect with people, Mark zuckerberg made this site to connect with people, if he designed the site for other reasons then wed know about it wouldnt we? Mark suckerburg is a genius, a social genius who thought of a way to connect with the people and ultimately create a community of people; people who we know and people who we don’t know. Banding those people through a website is genius, it leads to so many things but it leads to socialability because there are so many people on Facebook. Plus all of the major brands and companies are there and we can support those, I love entering cotests on facebook and liking pages on facebook, just goes to show how great faceboo ks. there are people teling ,me that they dont have friends on facebook but isnt friends based on who you are, you can have many firneds or you can have no friends, it’s based on the person you are right? right?

Anywats, facebook has changed our lives in a major way; I don’t think we can live without it, ever. If any of you know me on facebook, hit me uP!

What up Bronies?

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This is for you.


My comments on censorship.

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A while ago I left this comment ontheĀ  Hardwarehot website.

Hey Mr Cilapetta,

Thanks for the Censorship, thank you for erasing my comment on the GTX 680 review. Thank You. Just shows what type of reviewer you are and what type of website Hardwarehot is.

And he replied with this.

It was in the article: $243.50

I am sad because he didnt answer my question; I was making a comments about how the price in the GTX 680 was high and how NVIDIA is making these cards higher when they could of maked them chepar compared to AMD; trying to stir the dicussions. Why you want to censor diccussion, dicussion is what these sites are for; they allow us to make comments on stuff and reply back? I don’t know why you’d want to do it but your not helping discussion and your making it into nazi germany; I mean really, how dare you silence these people; especially me! I was trying to make discussion but instead you decideded to silence me. I wont be silence, im not a robot, i’m a human being with feelings!

Blog post 4: Dancing is forbidden

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It just is!

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