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How technology changed our lives

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Technology is everywhere its in our hands in our houses and even in our lives. I cant imagine a world without technology, mainly because it changes us like soo much! There are so many things that technology has changed, it has made it easier to access information anywhere, back then youd have to go to a specific place to get a book or a DVD or the information but with the internet you can just log on and find the information that you want, its so sweet. Computers are sweet! They have helped us discover major things in our lifetimes, I cant knock the scientists who did those things but without computers, it wouldn’t of been possible. Computers just do alot of stuff and calculations and theyre complex, they come up with things we humans are unable to come up with. Look back into the past, they have cave bones and sticks and stuff but then with the introduction of computers everything went fast into the future where we have now, it’s great!

Technology also allows us to communicate super easily, without technology it was like super impossible to communicate with people but now with technology we can. I can easily take out a cellphone or use facebook and I can communicate someone with ease, sometimes talking for hours. Even better is that we can talk for hours and we can even text and send pictures. It’s such a wonderful thing, we can send pictures of anything, hell we can even be a part of history by sending pictures of disasters. A lot of people have done it and the worlds eyes have been opened, the possibilities are endless, there is just so many things you can do and so many ways you can be a part of history. It doesn’t even matter if you send a picture of a hamburger, your communicating with people around you!

Let’s not forget about the technology that handles our everyday lives, they handle our traffic lights and they handle our cashiers, without them how would things work out? Paper is redundant and things can get lost, with technology everything is stored on a memory chip and is there when you need it. You don’t have to short through files, you can just search for the file on your computer and bring it up easily! Just imagine how much life would be easier in the past, they would be able to do stuff 100x quicker and we’d have a future with jetpacks, teleporter and flying cars, and a future with jetpacks, flying cars and teleporters is always awesome. There are just so many things technology has done to change our lives, and I for one am proud to live in a country with technology! I don’t know how I’d live in a world without.

Blog post 2: Commentary on economy.

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And one of those jobs was mine. 😦

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