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Oh how I wish I were an actual pony.

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I told you I loved “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” to death and for a while I’ve been having these dreams. Dreams where I was a pony. I can just imagine, it, jumping around in fields, hanging out with the other ponies in the town of “Ponyville”, going on adventures trying to find the elements of Harmony, defeating the evil ponys, chatting it up with the ponies.

Oh how I wish I were a pony, If I were a pony I’d be cute.

If I were a pony I’d have millions of adoring fans.

If I were a pony I’d have special powers.

If I were a pony I’d be happy

And more importantly if I were a pony I’d be special.

Ah, how a man can dream. If only there were some sort of beam of light that would just come out of the TV screen and zap me to Ponyville, then I will be happy.

Best animated show ever.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

You have no idea how much I love this show.

Why I love the Blackberry.

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Hi. I know you heard me talking stuff about an apple well you’ll be surprsied to know that I don’t own an iphone but a Blackberry. Shocker! Yes, my phone is the blackberry and it’s a good phone; see I have a super important job and my job requires me to have a blackberry so this is why I have it. Ive been using it since forever so I know my away around the Blackberry tree, lol! First off is the design of the phone, I mean it just looks so cool. you show it to someone and theyll be mighty impressed at your status of it, it looks like its business therefore it means business and if you’re not convinced, here’s a picture!

Doesnt it look like it means business. There are so many things I love about it, I love the super easy interface that allows me to browse the interface super easy. there has been so many times where I had to read an email and I just did some things and bam! I read my email. This thing is boss for email, I can configure it and I can get all of my email that my job requires me to have. It allows me to send emails super easy and get my business done on time. Plus the other stuff it can do is so cool, I can browse the web with it, I can use it as a GPS, I can even type a novel on this thing, it’s amazing. It’s very eganomic too, I can press the buttons and not break a sweat, other phones may give you cramps or make you feel uncomfortable. Not the blackberry!

People have been saying that the Blackberries are bad, that other phones are better. Well I’m here to clear that up, I’ve played with the iPhone and I played with a new Samsung phone and while they’re better then the Blackberry, the blackberry is still the beast. Why, because I have it, it’s boss and it’s my job. There are other phones out there but nothing can beat the blackberry. Nothing…

Now to relax my hands from typing on my Blackberry.

Blog post 6: My ode to black humor.

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Oh black humor so wonderfully black.
People always wondering what the hell is that.
With your subdued demeanor and your serious looks.
Talking about stuff that give people the look.
People can never truly understand.
But I can completely understand.
I love it, every bone is as black as my body.
The disturbing images always just rocks me.
I can’t stop laughing at this stuff.
Even though I should feel bad and stuff.
I guess I love hell & death more then other people.
And my understanding of black humor is far from mid-evil.
I guess a lot of people will never appreciate you.
But there are some people that just love you.

What up Bronies?

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This is for you.


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