To my ultimate hater.

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Yes you, I know who you are, I never forget the beard. Why you gotta hate for? No seriously, why you gotta hate? You think it be fine to be up on someone like they’re glue but I’m just an ordinary cat, I’m trying to make it. You just seem to be a bully whos sole purpose is to make me mad and mean. I imagine you aint got no life, you just living in a basemenet having one offs while your mother lives in the room always looking for ways to get at me, attack me. I mean I’m just trying to hang out, you seem to be attacking me everywhere that I go because I’m that cat you like to hate; so why you hate?

You keep telling me that I post nothing, that I post short sentences, that I don’t contribute enough and that I’m worthless to society. To that, I say. I am who I am, I post that way because thats how I raised, I was made to be posting like that every which way I go, this is my style and you can’t change my style! Also I work as hard to contribute as everybody else. I’m a person alright, I work hard to post opinions like Im a human being and when you come up like “all you post is “nice stuff!” every post.” it just makes me mad because I be trying to contribute and you just nott takin my contributions seriously! I post my opinions, you always seem to attack them every which way because you are a jerk who don’t have no life; i’m just trying to post opinions, why you trying to get beef?

And what is it with you jocking on my attempts to provide enteratinment; I mean I posted that video because it contained a beauty of nature, it containefd fish eating the pellecans; it contained beauty. You just made it out to be like a video where a chick gets eaten when it wasn’t like that at all! And you did the same to my other video, I’m just trying to provide entertainment. This is a forum, people post content on these forums everyday, and it don’t matter what content it is aslong as its content; for a genius you self seem to proclaim, you don’t seem to understand that so why take that out on me huh? Why take that out on me? Why you not understand that it ain’t the fit of the community, Im trying to be one of you and posting sports and crap, that’s all!

And you always be jocking on my life; my life is real alright. 100% of it all. What I tell is real, from the streets, bond; I am what I am damn you and if you can’t respect that then well forget you. I have kids, I have a job, I have an important position, I have a street team. Why would I lie about that stuff on an internet forum, it just seems straight up shameful to lie like that. Come on, I’m a human being, not a machine! My life aint no fun to make fun of, it’s all real. 100% real striaght up word.

So in short, forget you asmish Harry Henderson looking bearded fellow. You’ll never understand my style.

I still got mad props for you though, I respect your mad agressive style and your honest posts, love those!


Blog post 18: Beware the noid!

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He’ll crush your Pizza.

Oh how I wish I were an actual pony.

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I told you I loved “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” to death and for a while I’ve been having these dreams. Dreams where I was a pony. I can just imagine, it, jumping around in fields, hanging out with the other ponies in the town of “Ponyville”, going on adventures trying to find the elements of Harmony, defeating the evil ponys, chatting it up with the ponies.

Oh how I wish I were a pony, If I were a pony I’d be cute.

If I were a pony I’d have millions of adoring fans.

If I were a pony I’d have special powers.

If I were a pony I’d be happy

And more importantly if I were a pony I’d be special.

Ah, how a man can dream. If only there were some sort of beam of light that would just come out of the TV screen and zap me to Ponyville, then I will be happy.

My Hints #2

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Okay, heres another installment of my hints.

“Use olive oil on everything, it makes it taste good”

Till next time.

Why are people hating on my desire to help?

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I mean all I want to do is help, its not like Im causing any damage or anything. You people act as if I’m causing Damage, as if Im messing everything up. Well if you look around I’m trying to help, as in contribute or provide assistance to anybody in need. How can you call my actions as causing damage, I ain’t causing no damage. In fact you are the people causing the damage by acting like I’m causing the damage, you people trying to prevent me from helping just because Im gonna stop your shine or something. Listen, why you caring about my shine, I mean I’m not anybody important, I’m just a regular average awesome guy.

I don’t care what you’re doing or what shine you got and I’m not out to compete with you, I’m just trying to help. I help out old ladies when they cannot cross the street, because they can’t cross the street. You be telling me that I need to have knowledge on how to cross old ladys across the street or some idea on how to cross the street but I’m just trying to help okay. I’m a novice and you hating on me because I’m not an expert? What kind of logic is that. People were made to help regardlesso f whether or not they were novices or not, its the thought of helping that counts and you people will never seem to understand that. I help because I want to, not because its my job.

So stop hating on my desire to help! Haters.

Blog post 17: It is cold outside.

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Well it is…

My Hints #1

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Hey. I’m here to give you a hint that’s useful in everyday life and the first of many. Pay attention because this may be important, You ready? Here is is.

“Make sure to take a flint stone with you, flint stones Easily produce fire therefore saving you alot of trouble.”

Hope this hint helps you, I have many more on the way!

So anybody know of this movie?

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It’s called Harry and the Hendersons and it contains this bearded creature named Harry who reminds me of someone that I know. Check the clip!

Isn’t that funny. Harry is funny, especially since he looks like that one guy. I just laugh whenever I think of Him.

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