Why are people hating on my desire to help?

I mean all I want to do is help, its not like Im causing any damage or anything. You people act as if I’m causing Damage, as if Im messing everything up. Well if you look around I’m trying to help, as in contribute or provide assistance to anybody in need. How can you call my actions as causing damage, I ain’t causing no damage. In fact you are the people causing the damage by acting like I’m causing the damage, you people trying to prevent me from helping just because Im gonna stop your shine or something. Listen, why you caring about my shine, I mean I’m not anybody important, I’m just a regular average awesome guy.

I don’t care what you’re doing or what shine you got and I’m not out to compete with you, I’m just trying to help. I help out old ladies when they cannot cross the street, because they can’t cross the street. You be telling me that I need to have knowledge on how to cross old ladys across the street or some idea on how to cross the street but I’m just trying to help okay. I’m a novice and you hating on me because I’m not an expert? What kind of logic is that. People were made to help regardlesso f whether or not they were novices or not, its the thought of helping that counts and you people will never seem to understand that. I help because I want to, not because its my job.

So stop hating on my desire to help! Haters.

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