My comments on censorship.

A while ago I left this comment onthe  Hardwarehot website.

Hey Mr Cilapetta,

Thanks for the Censorship, thank you for erasing my comment on the GTX 680 review. Thank You. Just shows what type of reviewer you are and what type of website Hardwarehot is.

And he replied with this.

It was in the article: $243.50

I am sad because he didnt answer my question; I was making a comments about how the price in the GTX 680 was high and how NVIDIA is making these cards higher when they could of maked them chepar compared to AMD; trying to stir the dicussions. Why you want to censor diccussion, dicussion is what these sites are for; they allow us to make comments on stuff and reply back? I don’t know why you’d want to do it but your not helping discussion and your making it into nazi germany; I mean really, how dare you silence these people; especially me! I was trying to make discussion but instead you decideded to silence me. I wont be silence, im not a robot, i’m a human being with feelings!


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