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Life is good

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Ah, there is a point where you sit back and realize life is good. I mean looked at me, I’m sitting around having the hottest blog in the universe, I’m posting super much and getting mad props in the forum, I’m even going to appear on an animated TV show! Which people you know appear on a TV show, me! I have it all, I have everything. I keep on posting and saying my stuff and life is good compare your lives to mine and then kill yourself.


ATHF is the best show ever!

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It’s like a masterpiece when it comes to animated shows, the end all when it comes to humor. There are like lot of episodes that sow this, its just soo surreal and funny; like this exchange.

I can’t explain it to you, you just have to watch. It’s so funny! It contains this guy and hes trying to raise a chicken and the people are confused and its just so funny!!! Laugh out loud. Revolutionary, genius!

It also contains a lot of funny characters. These characters like appear out of nowhere and they make funny mooments, like the mooninites, which you see below.

So funny. But the thing I love most about the show is the dark humor, I mean it has some of the most twisted, shocking images you will see in a while. Seriously! You’ll be trying to get to sleep after seeing those images.

I havent found a youtube video about that but it is there and if you focus enough then youll find the twisted dark humor.

I can’t state how much I love this show, its my favorite show ever! There are so many words that can’t describe this show, you have to see it!

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