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I support this new school bill.

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I was browsing facebook when all ofa sudden I got word of this article here and I read it and I support them every step of the way. It’s about time they removed certain words from standardize tests, especially words that are likely to cause stress to little childens minds I mean for so long I have been forced to deal with words being in those tests, words like poverty and divorce and death and it always sickens me to see those words on the test. Children are very young, they should not be exposed to words like that, especially words that are on tests. I mean what would they think if they saw those words, would they think they not rich enough, would they become sad? I dont want to see kids getting sad, especially my kids. I raise kids, we live in a house not a ghetto or a slum and we live a good life. I raised my kids good and well and i teach them stuff that helps them on in ife, those words always threatens my kids. I know words cant threaten my kids but they do!

Im glad they’re thinking about their kids when theyre doing this, they shouldn’t have to suffer when taking a test, they should just have to take the test and that’s it. The people behind this bill knows children, they care for childrens. If they didn’t care for the children then who would? This bill will do a lot of good for the kids, especially my kids. If this bill passes them my children will be growing up in a better future with better stuff and better opportunities; I can just imagine it now, my kids with jobs that earn more money then mines! All those people criticizing the bill saying it restricts freedom should take a step back and look at it, I mean its not restricting words form general usage, its just restricting it from the test, those tests which kids take every end of school year, they’re not restricting them from using it on school grounds, they’re just restricting it from the test. I suggest to yous to take a chill pill and just read the pill, you’ll find it as wise as I have.

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