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Oh how I wish I were an actual pony.

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I told you I loved “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” to death and for a while I’ve been having these dreams. Dreams where I was a pony. I can just imagine, it, jumping around in fields, hanging out with the other ponies in the town of “Ponyville”, going on adventures trying to find the elements of Harmony, defeating the evil ponys, chatting it up with the ponies.

Oh how I wish I were a pony, If I were a pony I’d be cute.

If I were a pony I’d have millions of adoring fans.

If I were a pony I’d have special powers.

If I were a pony I’d be happy

And more importantly if I were a pony I’d be special.

Ah, how a man can dream. If only there were some sort of beam of light that would just come out of the TV screen and zap me to Ponyville, then I will be happy.

Cool spongebob gif

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Hi, here’s a cool spongebob gif!

That is all…


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