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Dimitri Martin stole my thing!

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Back in 2003 I came up with “Toy Story 2 was OK” and it was based off a friends post and Ive been using it ever since. But now I look around and I see this and this!

How dare they do that, how dare Dimitri Martin steal my thing. That was my thing! I came up with that thing first! I should be credited for it, me, the person who came up with it! I demand someone go up to Comedy Central land and tell Dimitri Martin that “Toy Story 2 was Okay” was mine and that they should remove all signs of it from existence. I am the originator of the name, me me me!!!


My thoughts of the new iPad.

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So the new iPad came out a few days ago and while I love apple products, i just hasn’t been able to cmment on it due to some sickness.

Here’s a picture of the new iPad.

It looks glorious; I heard it gotten some flack due to it not having a new processor or some shit but it contains a super new screen and and better cameras! I might run out and get one of my own, even though my man Steve Jobs isn’t behind Apple anymore… They still got his creative hustle. And who cares if it’s barely different, this is for people who never bought the iPad; and it’s new screen and cameras justify it as being a new product, plus I can understand the iPad thing just fine. Its rather brilliant that they don’t use numbers, iPad is cooler without a number; it’s just brilliant!

Brilliant product all around! but it’s sad to see Steve Jobs gone. RIP Stevey

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