ATHF is the best show ever!

It’s like a masterpiece when it comes to animated shows, the end all when it comes to humor. There are like lot of episodes that sow this, its just soo surreal and funny; like this exchange.

I can’t explain it to you, you just have to watch. It’s so funny! It contains this guy and hes trying to raise a chicken and the people are confused and its just so funny!!! Laugh out loud. Revolutionary, genius!

It also contains a lot of funny characters. These characters like appear out of nowhere and they make funny mooments, like the mooninites, which you see below.

So funny. But the thing I love most about the show is the dark humor, I mean it has some of the most twisted, shocking images you will see in a while. Seriously! You’ll be trying to get to sleep after seeing those images.

I havent found a youtube video about that but it is there and if you focus enough then youll find the twisted dark humor.

I can’t state how much I love this show, its my favorite show ever! There are so many words that can’t describe this show, you have to see it!

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